Want to know why it took me 20 years to become an overnight success?

Before I wrote my first eBook, before I created my Three Days to Thrive podcast, before I created my checklists, cheatsheets, and online programs, before – when I had zero prospects on my email list… 

I was working just like you – hour per hour to make money. If I wasn’t working, I wasn’t getting paid. 

I knew I had an online business in me, but I was a GURU JUNKIE.


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I listened and I learned. I jumped from one expert to the next, but I NEVER took the time to actually figure it out. I had a ton of ideas, and experience, but no clear direction for turning those dreams into reality.

I was full of enthusiasm and energy, but lacked the demeanor to actually STOP and get something done outside of my “regular” or “traditional” business. 

So, what did I do? I told myself – now is the time. Stop making excuses. Stop putting everything and everyone else first (am sure you have done the same). 

I told myself, if I created the business I always wanted – I could truly make MY FAMILY and my friends a priority. THAT WAS MY MOTIVATION.  And I am here to tell you – I figured out the BEST WAY (for me – and if you’re anything like me, you too!) to start an online business and now I am ready to share it with you.

Guru Overload, Failures to Launch, & Too Many Ideas…

I have been a writer and sales & marketing consultant for the past twenty years.
A little over a year ago, I lost my largest client. I knew it was coming, so I wasn’t surprised. As a consultant, my client base is always changing. Every year I am looking at new projects, new teams to work with, and new services I need to offer.
Luckily, I am well connected, and my customers have always come pretty easily – and typically just-in-time as I needed them. But not always…

When my last (traditional) project ended, I was in a slump.

When my last project ended, I wasn’t sure what kind of client I wanted to work with anymore. I was in a slump. I wasn’t “getting out there” and setting myself for success like I typically always did. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

I was tired. And feeling unmotivated. It was so unlike me. When I realized I needed to go find my next “big” client (again!), I paused. I thought about what I really wanted and how I wanted to run my business.

I wanted FREEDOM. I wanted FLEXIBILITY. And I wanted to create something I could be proud of that could HELP other people who wanted the same things that I did.

Up until then, I was trading time for money. I would work with clients typically on retainer for 6-12 months at a time. Once I completed my project, I would move on to my next new client.

I would get caught up in the day-to-day of running my projects and stop working on growing my business.

If you can relate to this scenario, keep reading…

There was no security. No true team building. Nothing that felt long-term. Ever. I was mostly okay with that. It fit my lifestyle. I was able to set my own schedule and work when and where I wanted to, for the most part.

But I soon realized that I didn’t really have a “business.” I just had a “job.”

If I were to take a day off – most of the work stopped. The prospecting stopped. Proposals stopped. Sales stopped. Everything. Stopped.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a team of freelancers I use to support my project work, but I was the one responsible for making sure everything was taken care of on a daily basis.


So, how did I finally create my dream job, so I could hangout with these guys whenever I wanted?


So what changed? What did I do differently? What was the key to getting this feeling of FREEDOM? 

I discovered that building my dream business was NOT as hard as I anticipated, if I could just STAY FOCUSED. I just needed to focus on ONE project at a time. That was the KEY. One project at a time. 

So, before I did ANYTHING, I created one digital product that I knew I would be excited to share. With no followers, no email list, nothing – I wrote an eBook and practically overnight, I established myself as an expert in my field.  

Then, I turned that eBook into an entire writing system, with videos and worksheets. Then, I used that content to start my Three Days to Thrive podcast and the rest is history!

The book immediately brought in new clients (before it was even published!) and new opportunities.

I know many of you are about to run right now – you’re thinking, “I’m not a writer!”
You can’t imagine trying to figure out how or when you would have time to write a book.
But stop. Don’t run.
You don’t have to be a “writer” to write a book about your business – you just need to be knowledgeable and confident in what you do.
AND you need a step-by-step guide that will quickly walk you through the process (in 3 days or less!), so you can get back to doing what you do best -running your business!
If I could go back in time and have someone walk me through, step-by-step how set myself up for online success, it would have been a life-changer. The days, weeks, and months I spent researching, learning, editing, messing-up, and trying again – all could have been avoided if I had a guide telling me exactly what to do and how to do it. 
So there you have it. That’s where you come in. Whether or not you buy my programs, or download my cheatsheets, or join me weekly for my Three Days to Thrive marketing podcast, I hope the tips, advice, and critically-focused information I share with you will help get you excited, inspire you to try something new, and help you create the business you have always wanted.

A Little About Me​

I am all about taking action!

Pick a project below to get the ACTION STEPS that will help you get a project up and running in 3 days or less!

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Still Can't Get Enough? Want More?

Are you ready to take your FIRST step to making yourself the GO-TO-PERSON in your industry?
Are you ready to no longer worry about where your next big client is coming from or that you are missing out driving new leads online?

If you are ready to do what you know you should have been doing all along – JOIN ME in my journey as I hold your hand and walk you through STEP-BY-STEP to becoming a though leader, generating new sales, and building the amazing business you have always wanted.

Together, we will narrow in on your BIG IDEA and your VALUE, discover your online NICHE, understand the nuances of marketing yourself online to your primary, ideal customer (your PIC!), and creating the business you dare to dream of.

My projects are broken down in simple, easy-to-follow steps so you can eliminate busy work and create something that makes an IMPACT.  By taking smart-steps and doing ONE PROJECT at a time, you will quickly see how growing your business online is profitable in more ways than one.  From freedom of picking and choosing which clients you take on, to creating a business that is solely online, and affords you the luxury to live life on your terms…it is never too late to get started.

NOW, more than ever, you NEED to take your business online to stay relevant and continue to attract new prospects. If you have read this far, I know you have what it takes to take the plunge with me. Dive in and let’s do this! 

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“Your PASSIOnS are what ignite you the most. Your GIFT is sharing those passions with the world.”

– Robynn Anton